Should You Become a Realtor?

In my latest episode I interview Chris Powles, who was my realtor just last year. He shares how he drastically switched careers from working in the agricultural world to become a realtor in his 30s. What does it take to be a realtor, and why should you consider it? Listen to find out!  And ifContinue reading “Should You Become a Realtor?”

Why is All Marketing the Same?

I currently sell construction accounting software. Don’t get me wrong, I think our solutions help companies a lot. And our marketing message aligns with what we sell. Any company will have competitors. I run into them all the time. But are they really different from us? Or are they the same with a different logo?Continue reading “Why is All Marketing the Same?”

Is Sales more Important than Operations?

I took this picture in NH by the way. I’ve worked in both sales and non-sales roles, but have spent most of my career thus far in an B2B sales capacity. I have seen that for whatever reason, there is often a butting of heads between the sales arm of a company and the operationalContinue reading “Is Sales more Important than Operations?”

Publishing Your First Podcast Episode

If you haven’t already, check out my previous posts in this Journey to Starting a Podcast mini series. Getting Podcast Guests So as I mentioned in my last post, I dragged my feet a bit in actually getting this podcast off the ground. But finally I decided to start reaching out to some guest optionsContinue reading “Publishing Your First Podcast Episode”

Learning How to Start a Podcast

In July of 2019 I took another step toward starting a podcast by listening to podcasts about podcasts. Wow there’s a lot of podcast references in that sentence. That may sound boring to you, but I found two shows in particular that walked listeners step by step through the actual logistics of starting. The firstContinue reading “Learning How to Start a Podcast”

One Way to Test an Idea

If I have an idea for a business or something else, I try to write it down, or record it in my notes app on my iPhone. One thing I had written down at one point was to write a book about the career paths of various business professionals and entrepreneurs. Additionally, I had begunContinue reading “One Way to Test an Idea”

When I Decided to Start Documenting Ideas

Don’t Waste Your Thoughts I had recently accepted a promotion, moved with my wife to a new city, and was enjoying learning and growing in my new role. During work, I kept having ideas about what could be improved, or lessons I learned, etc. Sometimes I’d write the idea or thought down quickly on aContinue reading “When I Decided to Start Documenting Ideas”

My Journey to Starting a Podcast Series: Introduction

I Love Podcasts I’ve loved podcasting as a medium for a long time. Podcasting has helped me: Learn new skills Grow in my Christian faith Keep up on the latest current events Be entertained I also love talking about business. Learning people’s stories and what career paths they took has always been fascinating to me.Continue reading “My Journey to Starting a Podcast Series: Introduction”

Monetizing My Podcast

Various Monetization Methods I’ve listened and read quite a bit about the variety of methods out there for monetizing a podcast. Do I want to monetize mine? Eventually, yes. Did I start it to get rich? Absolutely not. I love everything about podcasts. From listening to creating and everything in between, podcasts are the best.Continue reading “Monetizing My Podcast”