Learning How to Start a Podcast

In July of 2019 I took another step toward starting a podcast by listening to podcasts about podcasts. Wow there’s a lot of podcast references in that sentence. That may sound boring to you, but I found two shows in particular that walked listeners step by step through the actual logistics of starting.

The first show I worked through was Free Podcast Course by John Lee Dumas, who also hosts the popular Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast. John also did video versions of this mini course on his website that I watched as well.

Additionally, I listened to How to Podcast Step by Step by Carey Green.

Both of these short series helped me get my head around what needed to be done to get a show off the ground. I listened to these while driving around making sales calls for my real job. In the end I also ended up spending time at home digging deeper, reading and watching videos about these topics.

Starting a Podcast Topics

  • How to publish your podcast
  • Creating a podcast logo
  • What “host” to list your podcast with
  • Equipment suggestions
  • How to record a podcast
  • Topics and types of podcasts
  • Figuring out what to podcast about
  • Identifying your listener

So I proceeded to make a list of to dos, and also a list of guest targets that I wanted to interview in the future. What happened next was… I dragged my feet. In next week’s post, the final in My Journey to Starting a Podcast series, I’ll go over how I finally started and published my podcast, how I got my first few guests to agree to come on, and what tools I used to start.

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