I love podcasts. I love everything about them. I’m a bit of a podcast nerd, who looks forward to listening to podcasts about podcasting. In turn I love talking to people about their career journeys, what type of work they do, and what lessons they’d give to those looking for career inspiration today.

My name is Christopher Goodwillie, host of the Career Yak podcast. So many people have so many interesting career and business stories, you just have to ask them the right questions to discover the story locked inside. My goal on this podcast is to do just that. I want to do two things on this podcast:

  1. Discover what jobs, industries, and career paths actually exist today
  2. Learn valuable career lessons that me and you can apply to our own work lives

I currently work in an outside sales role in New Hampshire and get to drive around beautiful and rural Northern New England for work! My faith in Christ comes first in my life, then family, then everything else. Thanks for tuning in to Career Yak!

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