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Through interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals from different working environments, this is a show where we seek to do two things. One: learn about the wide variety of jobs and industries out there. And two: discover career lessons that we can apply to our own work lives. Click below to listen and subscribe!

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CAREER TIP: Don’t Just Rely on Your Network Career Yak

When applying, it can be natural to try to rely on your immediate network in search for a new role. But should you? If you’ve ever interviewed for jobs, you know that some questions can be difficult. Today’s tip focuses on one way to make answering those tough questions a little easier. Visit our Career Yak Website and join our email list.Music by Scandinavianz, song Wonderland(instrumental)Support the show
  1. CAREER TIP: Don’t Just Rely on Your Network
  2. CAREER TIP: Create a List of Stories to be Used in Interviews
  3. 3 Podcasts I Listened to This Week
  4. CAREER TIP: 3 Tips When Applying to Jobs
  5. The Emerging Sport of Teqball – Ajay Nwosu, CEO of Teqball USA

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