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Through interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals from different working environments, this is a show where we seek to do two things. One: learn about the wide variety of jobs and industries out there. And two: discover career lessons that we can apply to our own work lives. Click below to listen and subscribe!

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BIZ THOUGHTS: You Never Know Who Will Answer Career Yak

Make the call, don't be afraid to reach out… you never know who will answer. Check out my previous episode with Marc McDaniel.Check out the interview with Sara Blakely on The School of Greatness Podcast.Visit our Career Yak Website and join our email list.Music by Scandinavianz, song Wonderland (instrumental)
  1. BIZ THOUGHTS: You Never Know Who Will Answer
  2. From the Registrar's Office to an Information Security Analyst and How to Change Careers – Erin Plese of Northern Arizona University
  3. BIZ THOUGHTS: Discovering Your Flaws
  4. Growing a Business in the Trucking Industry – Danny Wolfe, VP at Diversified Body and Paint
  5. BIZ THOUGHTS: Be A Farmer

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