Why I Do Interview Style Episodes

Pivoting Early On

Before starting Career Yak in November of 2019, I had been wanting to launch a podcast for awhile. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite know what the structure and theme of it would be. I write a business related blog on the side called A Blog About Business. So I thought… maybe I’ll have a podcast called, “A Pod About Business,” and talk about my business related experiences and lessons from life, work and the Bible, just like I do on my blog.

So I decided to start somewhere. In September 2019, alone and in my living room, I recorded what I thought might be my first episode. It was me ranting by myself about… wait for it………. commuting and using pockets of time productively. Basically I talked about how people can be intentional in their commuting by listening to various podcasts and audiobooks, praying, calling family, etc. I don’t think the content was all bad. But, it wasn’t exactly something that was going to go viral.

Next. After I finished recording, I brought the laptop upstairs, and asked my wife if she would listen to it and give me feedback. The recording was just under 12 minutes long, so we would give it a quick listen, she’d give me some tips, and I’d be well on my way to podcast stardom. Too easy.

The Hard Truth

I hit play, and we began to listen together. What came quickly thereafter was not intense listening, or a request to pause the recording in order to give productive feedback. No, what came next was laughter. But my show wasn’t supposed to be funny. Oh no. She thought it was absolutely terrible. So sub par was the recording to her that if I’m remembering correctly, she lasted less than three minutes. She didn’t even get through the short 11-12 minutes. Her opinion had been fully conveyed, in a respectful and loving yet sarcastic and honest manner that only wives can give. My mind was made up, and the message was received. I knew the new structure I wanted to have.

The direction I needed to take was clear. Interview interesting people. Tell stories through those interviews. And constantly hone my speaking skills along the way. Is my podcast perfect now? Far from it. I’m just at the beginning stages, so I should hope it will get better! But I am grateful for that moment where my wife chose to be brutally honest with me. I’m glad she let me know that it was the most boring thing she ever listened to (maybe that is an exaggeration but it had to be close). I had spent probably over an hour sitting downstairs by myself recording this short “episode.” The time spent was well worth it. I failed fast in this circumstance, and knew more clearly what my podcast needed to be structured around. Interviews.

Listen to Your Wife!

My wife is the best and her opinion holds so much weight to me. She is real, and now that I have pivoted and have produced the beginnings of what hopefully turns into a great and sought after podcast, she is extremely supportive. She was supportive in the moment she laughed as well. If she had let me proceed to publish that recording, she would have been doing me a huge disservice.

Long story short, I have an interview based podcast today because I have a spouse that chooses to push me to do better. Never underestimate the value of spousal feedback!

Check out the Career Yak Podcast!

Career Yak podcast logo

If you want to hear a clip of the “episode” comment below and I’ll consider putting it on the site!

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